Harlow Fine Jewellery is Waterford’s newest fine jewellery boutique.


Harlow Fine Jewellery is Waterford’s newest fine jewellery boutique.

Harlow is a treasure trove of beautiful jewellery and timeless essentials. As you make your way to our jewellery shop through the historic streets of Waterford’s Viking Triangle, you’ll begin to feel the essence of Harlow before you even set foot through the door. Just like the heritage on the streets outside, Harlow is built on history and our fine jewellery is thoughtfully designed to last a lifetime.

Harlow is a destination for all occasions. Whether you are searching for the perfect gift, looking for your future heirlooms or wanting to commission a completely unique piece of jewellery or diamond engagement ring, we will guide you through the process every step of the way and ensure you leave our boutique with a piece of jewellery you will treasure forever.

Harlow was born from a love of fine-craftsmanship and fine jewellery design.

Harlow Fine Jewellery was created by Lisa Statham, to whom fine jewellery design is a passion and an art and her love for fine-craftsmanship is reflected in every piece of jewellery available in the shop. As you enter the boutique, you’ll find a curated collection of Irish and independent jewellery designers who share Lisa’s long-standing commitment to timeless design and fine-craftsmanship. Designers include Juvi, Vivienne Walsh and Enibas, all of whom create beautifuland timeless jewellery.

Meanwhile, upstairs houses a private consultation room, beautifully decorated with a mixture of custom designed and antique furniture, set against the backdrop of the churchyard ruins that Bailey’s New Street is famous for. You won’t find a more romantic setting in which to peruse Harlow’s collection of diamonds and precious gemstones. Whether you are searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring or commissioning a bespoke piece of fine jewellery to celebrate a special occasion, this private and intimate space will be entirely yours.

Harlow is unlike any other jewellery shop in the region.

In fact, there are very few boutiques in the country that could boast the calibre of service you can expect at Harlow Fine Jewellery. Lisa Statham has almost two decades of experience in the fine jewellery and diamond industries working both here in Waterford and in Perth, Western Australia. It was during this time that Lisa became so well-known and well-respected within the fine jewellery and diamond industries developing a wide network of contacts through whom she sources only the finest quality precious metals and gemstones.

With this, comes Lisa’s access to a portfolio of stones she can showcase to you, as well as her knowledge of fine-craftsmanship and her talent in design. Lisa can source almost any stone for you to view and design a piece perfectly befitting your brief, and because the stones are received onloan directly from suppliers, there is no financial investment made by Lisa. This means there is no requirement for you to choose anything other than the stone you love, with Lisa’s advice always impartial and honest. It is a truly tailored and personal service.

The Heritage of Harlow.

The Stathams are long-standing and well-respected jewellersand goldsmiths, with a history in Ireland that dates back to the early 19th century. In 1817, the watchmaker, John Robert Statham, set up the first Statham Family Watchmakers and Goldsmiths in Kilkenny, a store that still exists to this day, managed by direct descendants of its founder. The Statham name is also represented in Co. Kildare by Hugh Statham, an uncle of the Harlow’s Lee Statham, who operates Hugh Statham Goldsmiths in Naas.

Celebrate life’s most precious moments with Harlow.

Whether you are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, you want to commission a special heirloom piece, or you simply want to find a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one, you are most welcome at Harlow Fine Jewellery, 15 Bailey’s New Street Waterford. Our jewellery boutique is open Thursday-Saturday, while our private consultation room is available for appointments from Tuesday-Saturday. We look forward to welcoming you to Harlow.